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Adult soft drinks infused with flavours from the brewery

Adult soft drinks infused with flavours from the brewery

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Fermentation has been a central part in human, culinary, and beverage development for centuries, but the unique flavours of fermented beverages often come hand in hand with alcohol.

Good Call Soda Company unleashes the flavours of hops, yeast esters, wood ageing, and biotransformation in 0.0% ABV drinks, from zero calorie infusions, to low calorie blends.

Whether you are choosing a cleaner lifestyle, are curious about hops and ingredients that were previously exclusive to beer, or want to enjoy complex flavours without the alcohol or added sugar, Good Call Soda has a drink for you.

Good Call Soda Company is brought to you by Anja Madhvani, Edwin Methu-Frost, Paul Jones (of Cloudwater Brew Co), and Chris Shearston and Vicky Carr (of Textbook Studio).


Test Batch

A refreshing green tea infused with the bold fruity flavour profile of Simcoe hops.

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Currently in production